Anbremetall, a.s., thanks to its well-developed business strategy and sensitive approach to its customers, has become one of the largest efficient processing and commercial companies in its field. (Its annual turnover in 2006 exceeded 1.5 billion CZK, average monthly volume of non-ferrous waste metals recoveredwas 3 500 tons.)
A typical feature of our work is establishing long-term
and mutually convenient business relationships with
industrial plants. We always try to respect the needs
of our business partners and to suggest optimum
long-term solutions.


The main commodities we recover are ferrous and
non-ferrous waste metals
classified as aluminous,
cupreous, zincous and plumbic, including modified
materials and alloys (e.g. durals, brasses, bronzes
etc.) and mainly Cr, Ni and Mo-based wastes where
stainless steel wastes are concerned. . Our purchase
of ferrous wastes also shows interannual growth.

Business terms and prices

Prices, delivery and payment terms for particular types of wastes are set based on current developments in the world markets for non-ferrous metals (LME) according to the quantity, nature and chemical composition of the waste. An information service and consultancy in the field of the purchase of non-ferrous metals is provided by a team of highly-experienced dealers. Our company's main priorities, besides customer’s satisfaction in terms of pricing, also consultancy and services and excellent payment standards.

Chemical elements:

Aluminium - Copper - Brass - Zinc - Bronze - Lead