Anbremetall, a.s. provides its clients with a complete range of services in the fields of purchasing, sorting and processing ferrous and non-ferrous waste metals, including their transportation and storage.

Purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous waste metals on the premises of Anbremetall, a.s.:

The purchase of material is carried out by
certified digital weighing machines with bearing
capacities of 30 and 60 tons;
Verification of input and output material is
carried out by qualified workers;
Verification of the declared composition is
carried out by means of exact analysis of the
material in a chemical-physical laboratory
equipped with a spectral analyzer;

The material is checked with a device for
determining the level of radiation at the input

Purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous waste metals
directly from the customer’s premises:

We can transport containers by road according to your needs free of charge.
Our company owns over 300 modern containers of 10 various types.
Selection of container type, its transportation and time intervals of its carrying
away is always thoroughly consulted with particular client.

Providing transportation and exchange of containers with our own trucks anywhere in the Czech Republic and EU:

Local and international transportation of unit loads;
Local and international transportation of complete truck loads;
Transportation according to the ADR

Vehicle fleet:

Container trucks with trailers;
Semitrailers and trailers with end dumping;
Tilted semitrailers;
Tilted pick-ups with trailer.

When transporting goods around the EU, we abide by current standards; we select appropriate means of transport in accordance with the nature and type of transported goods with respect to type of loading and unloading. We use a GPS system for real-time satellite tracking of our vehicles in order to make our transportation more effective, which enables us to track and verify the movement of vehicles, drive parameters and monitor the driver’s performances .