Production is divided into several operations, which enable the effective sorting and processing of waste in accordance with the particular requirements of our customers. Quality and composition is always thoroughly checked by analysis in a laboratory.


Dross processing line:
Aluminium drosses arise during the production and
processing of aluminium alloys in steelworks and
foundries. Our line enables the processing of these
mostly dangerous wastes. The processing product is
either a piece of metal for the production of aluminium
or a special aluminium granulate intended for
further use in the metallurgical and building industries.
This technology is wasteless.

Aluminium shavings processing line:
Aluminium shavings are ground in this machine, dried in
a controlled manner and subsequently purged of
mechanical iron. Material processed in this way is used as
an input raw material for the production of aluminium
. The machine is equipped with a combustion
chamber and high-performance filter; it meets the
strictest emission limits and in this way reduces the
burden on the environment during recycling.

Hydraulic presses, shears, plasma cutters, magnets and sorting belts:
We use hydraulic shears and plasma cutters to shorten the material;
We are equipped with modern sorting belts for fast and effective material sorting;
High-performance magnets subsequently enable the separation of iron from other metals;
High-pressure hydraulic presses are used for pressing the sorted and processed material;
The use of all this equipment is aimed towards the effective and high-quality processing and sorting of purchased materials.

Storage halls and boxes:
The company is equipped with storage halls and roofed boxes, which are designed for the ecological storing and thorough separation of materials according to their particular types.

Modern handling equipment is used during the sorting and processing of material. Lift forks, loading machines and diggers are commonplace.

In order to determine the chemical composition of the material, a modern laboratory is used, which is equipped with a spectral analyzer. This laboratory provides thorough verification of the quality and composition of purchased and dispatched material.